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Fayette District Court Judges Announce Fine Payment Forgiveness Program

The Office of the Fayette County Sheriff is announcing a program to help citizens with outstanding Fayette County warrants for nonpayment of fines. As ordered by Fayette District Court General Order 2021-1, any Defendant with the outstanding process from the Show Cause/Fine Payment docket may contact the Sheriff's Office to pay their fine without penalty. The program will run through August 31.

"The Fine Payment Forgiveness Program has been designed to keep working people working. Any individual whose only warrant is for nonpayment of fines will have a chance to resolve this and not face the possibility of losing their job by going to jail. Many in our community will benefit from this program and we hope they will take advantage of it throughout the summer," said Sheriff Kathy Witt.

Any individual may contact the Office of the Fa

yette County Sheriff by phone at (859) 252-1771 to find out the amount of their fine. No payments can be accepted over the phone, an individual must visit the Fayette District Court to pay in person. An Office of Sheriff employee will escort the individual to the Clerk's Office to ensure the payment is processed and the warrant is rescinded. Only full payments will be accepted.

For further information contact: Scooter Stein Director of Public Affairs (859) 229-3623

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