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Mayor's Commission for Racial Justice and Equality

In June 2020, we were asked by Mayor Linda Gorton to assist her office with organizing a Commission to address systemic racism in this community. Together, we agreed on the name, purpose, guiding principles, subcommittee members, and objectives and goals of the Commission.

The Mayor’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality was formed with a determined and defined purpose: To assemble diverse community members to listen, discuss, and create empowering solutions that dismantle systemic racism in Fayette County. Acknowledging the problems, asking questions, addressing obstacles and recommending specific actions served as the guiding principles for the task at hand.

The five subcommittees of this Commission include: Education & Economic Opportunity; Housing & Gentrification; Health Disparities; Law Enforcement, Justice, & Accountability; and Racial Equity. Seventy citizens representing diverse groups were appointed to lend their knowledge and expertise to these working groups. The list included judges, educators, social workers, businessmen and women, community activists, faith leaders, members of the law enforcement community, and elected officials. Each subcommittee was assigned two vice-chairs to oversee meetings, frame discussions, facilitate community input and write a report outlining the challenges and opportunities in their sector(s), as well as make recommendations that will address racial inequalities.

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